Theta Healing

Theta Healing

How I came to Theata Healing

The good thing about living in Bali is that it provides you with so many opportunities to deepen your path of yoga, transformation, spiritual growth and holistic healing. One of my Expat friends from Ubud told me one day about the Theta Healing® modality and how it has brought huge benefits to her life. She was talking so passionately about it that I became curious and booked a session with her teacher Erika Johansson in Ubud. And I can tell that this first session was one of the most profound healing sessions I’ve ever had.

What is Theta Healing about and where does it come from?

The Theta Healing technique is an effective method of changing deep beliefs and habitual patterns. Theta Healing is facilitated in one-to-one sessions that combine dialogue and meditation including elements of NLP and kinesiology. The modality was developed by Vianna Stibal in the US and since she started teaching it in 2000, it has spread into various corners of the world. Theta Healing came to Ubud in Bali with Erika Johansson from Sweden, who is giving sessions and courses in Taksu Spa with great success. Every time I had booked a session with her, I came out with more clarity, a sense of relief and I could let go of various blocks and limiting patterns. She is one of the best teachers and healers I’ve ever met – funny and joyful, empathetic, highly intuitive yet down-to-earth and very supportive.

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