Aquatic Bodywork

img_3679aAquatic Bodywork is a wonderful journey in 35° warm water. It combines flowing movements of the body with stretches and mobilization of the joints and moments of stillness, deep relaxation and the possibility to let go completely. Stagnant physical and emotional energies can be released in a nurturing space, which allows you to be carried, held and feel safe. The weightlessness, fluidity and soft sensations of the body, together with stillness of the mind can carry you into new expanded states of consciousness.

After an introductory talk, you decide if you like to stay on the surface or if you explore the underwater world with a nose clip. My water sessions include elements of Watsu, WaterDance and energy work.

Aquatic bodywork is for me one of the most beautiful and most intense forms of bodywork, which I base on presence, heart energy and acceptance of the present moment. I am ever amazed how unconditional touch and holding in the fluid element of water is able to touch people deeply and promote healing.