Sound Healing

Sound Healing is a gentle modality that aims to bring back harmony and balance for the body and mind with sounds from various instruments. It can induce health promoting benefits such as altering the brain waves into slower and more coherent frequencies, deep relaxation for the nervous system, higher states of consciousness and release of blockages on mental, emotional and energetic levels.

Various cultures from all over the world have known about the healing benefits of sound and music. They used sound from different instruments and the voice to restore balance of individuals, communities and nature. Sound healing sessions and ceremonies can be a tool to restore the harmonic blueprint of body & soul which is in resonance with the natural beauty and order of the cosmos. Quantum physicists and mystics remind us that we are swimming in a sea of vibration. Therefore beneficial sounds can become a medium to promote self-healing and balance for body, mind and soul.

Sound healers use various instruments from different parts of the world in a very individual and intuitive way of playing, such as singing bowls, gongs, rattles, shakers, chimes, the voice, string instruments and more.

Music has always played a big part in my life, yet is has changed a lot since I started practicing and teaching yoga, since I moved to Bali and since I became acquainted with sound healing. I studied classical music in Germany, which give me the foundation for understanding music in depth and also fostered my love for playing instruments for myself and others. My studies of sound healing, such as my training at Svaram in Auroville/India challenged me to approach music and sound in a much more intuitive and spiritual way. Sound healing goes way beyond performing music. It is a living, individual process between the sounds, the intention of the player, the space and the individuals present. Some sound healers claim that sound healing will become the medicine of the future. I am excited to witness the rise of sound healing as a modality for blossoming into our fullest potential as radiant souls that thrive in a healthy body.