Meditation and mindfulness are ways to reconnect to your innermost, and to find psychic balance, reduce stress and calm your mind. You do not necessarily have to sit still on a cushion trying to cease all thoughts. Meditation can have different forms: guided meditations in a sitting or lying position, mindfulness practices, deep relaxation techniques or movement meditations. Every individual is unique, so you will find your own way of meditating that suits you best. It is scientifically proven, that even short and regular units of meditation have a positive influence on our mind, nervous system and resilience.

Meditation has helped me to become more conscious of myself and life, to follow my inner voice more often, to watch my thoughts and emotions without feeling trapped, to connect to the Divine and face life, and based on this connection to live my life with more serenity, trust and love.

I am happy to support and guide you into creating your own meditation practice. The following are a few examples of different forms of meditation that I may use:

  • Yoga Nidra deep relaxation
  • Buddhist mindfulness meditations
  • Guided meditations with different focus such as breath awareness, activation of energy centers (Chakra), heart opening, connection to the elements or a candle meditation
  • Kundalini shaking meditation
  • Movement or dance meditation
  • Mantra meditation with harmonium accompaniment
  • Floating meditation in a 35° warm therapy pool

Feel free to connect via Skype and I am happy to answer your questions. Audio files will be provided soon on this site for you to download.