Mantra chanting & Harmonium

Chanting mantras is a wonderful way to calm the mind and connect to a higher force, regardless of its name, call it God, Shiva or Buddha. Mantras are sacred words traditionally chanted in Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language in which the old classical spiritual texts had been written. It is that the syllables of the mantras are carrying energetic frequencies, and that they are chanted with the intention to connect to the respecting aspect of the divine.

The harmonium instrument has its firm place in India to accompany classical and spiritual music, now becoming more and more popular also in the western Yoga world. Kirtan is a form of mantra chanting, in which the audience is singing together with the leading vocalist. The songs range from slow and calm chants up to energizing and powerful ones where people get up and dance.

Music has always been an important part of my life. Yoga and travels to India brought me to mantra chanting and playing harmonium, which I will never want to miss again in my life. Mantra chanting helps me to clear the space in my mind, to connect to a higher power and to bring me into meditative states. The joy of singing and playing is even higher, if I can share it with fellow musicians and an audience.

I am offering harmonium lessons, guided Kirtan evenings and to teach wonderful mantras and chants from different spiritual traditions.