Retreat at Home

Welcome to my new project in the making!

Retreat at Home is an online program for a retreat weekend at home with guided yoga sequences, meditations, relaxation techniques, self-inquiry practices, recipes for a balanced diet and a comprehensive PDF handbook with step by step guidance and valuable information for the retreat.

I have successfully finished a crowdfunding campaign in March which allows me to launch the German version in a few months. There will be an English version coming up next year.

I am grateful for everyone who supported my campaign, so that I can move forward and manifest my dream very soon. Please go to the Startnext platform to read more about this project (English version is available):

What is Retreat at Home about?

As a participant in this retreat, you can expect a wonderful mix between physical and mental activities, times for relaxation, stillness and reflection. You will end this weekend feeling refreshed, relaxed, more connected to yourself and having an increased sense of mental clarity and balance between body, mind and soul.

What is included in the online-program?

  • 6 guided mediation on various topics and a Yoga Nidra guided meditation as MP3 files
  • 2 Yoga videos with a Hatha and Yin Yoga sequence (à 60 min)
  • 8 self-inquiry practices to reflect upon yourself and your life, such as:
    – How’s my current life situation?
    – What are my talents, qualities and values?
    – How can I express my self creatively?
    – What are my energy drainers and how can I fill up my resources?
    – How can I live my life connected to my inner source?
  • Recipes for a balanced vegetarian diet during the retreat with complete shopping list
  • Comprehensive handbook with approx. 50 pages to prepare and guide you through the retreat
  • Access to a private Facebook group for exchanging experiences and getting support from like-minded people
  • Email support before, during and after the retreat

What are my goals and who is the target group?

My goal is to allow people to come back to themselves and to guide them on their path towards more balance between body, mind and soul. Especially in the western world we are so busy in our daily lives that we tend to neglect taking a time-out and be just with ourselves. We feel so often disconnected, stressed and out of balance. This online-program aims at bringing more mindfulness and balance into our daily lives with holistic practices such as Yoga, meditation, self-inquiry, relaxation and healthy food. I’d love everyone who participates in this retreat to feel recharged afterwards, to have a mind filled with clarity and creative inspiration and to feel more energized and refreshed in the physical body.

The target group are people who love to have a break from daily life and wish to take a weekend just for themselves in order to relieve stress, recharge their batteries and increase their sense of well-being. Not everyone has the chance to book an organized retreat somewhere away from home. This program fills a niche, so that more people can enjoy the benefits of a retreat – without having to invest a ton of time or money in it. My vision is to reach people, who wish guidance and support for a retreat at home and to give them sources and inspiration how to create a beautiful retreat for themselves.