Mantra Chanting & Kirtan

Mantra Chanting & Kirtan

Mantras are sacred words traditionally chanted in Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language in which the old classical spiritual texts had been written. The syllables of the mantras carry energetic frequencies and they are chanted with the intention to connect to the respecting aspect of the divine. Singing mantras is a wonderful way to calm the mind and connect to a higher force, regardless of its name, call it God, Shiva or Buddha.

Mantra chants are often accompanied by a harmonium. This instrument has its firm place in India to accompany classical and spiritual music and is now becoming more and more popular also in the western Yoga world. Kirtan is a form of devotional chanting, in which the audience is singing together with a leading vocalist. The songs range from slow and calm chants up to energizing and powerful ones where people get up and dance.

My journey from classical music to devotional chanting 

During Yoga classes, workshops and in my teacher trainings, I was introduced to mantra chanting and loved it right away as a way to quieten my mind, elevate my mood and reach higher states of consciousness. When I did my first Yoga teacher training in Tiruvannamalai in India in 2012, we gathered every day for an hour of chanting and it was a well-deserved time-out for body and mind as we were so busy studying from morning till evening. Living in Bali since 2014 gave me the opportunity to join numerous Kirtans and chanting circles as intimate gatherings at small Yoga studios or high vibe events with more than 150 people singing spiritual songs together and dancing in ecstasy. I feel very blessed that so many amazing musicians are coming to Bali to share their passion for spiritual music and create wonderful communities of like-minded people. I vividly remember my first Chanting Circle with Kevin James at a stunning villa in Ubud which blew my mind completely. I felt like being transported into another world that evening and I was thinking how amazing it would be to belong to this community. At that time, it did not cross my mind that it would actually come true for me to live in Bali a few years later and even to play with him for an audience over 200 people in 2019 in Ubud.

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