The grip of fear in times of uncertainty

The grip of fear in times of uncertainty

Do you feel overwhelmed by the current Corona crisis?
Are you fearful of the future and about how everything will turn out?
Do you feel overly sensitive, hypervigilant and easily irritated?
Do you worry whenever you read the latest news, statistics and posts?

You are not alone in this! There is no one that I know personally, that does not feel challenged by the current situation.

The power of challenging emotions

Fears, Insecurities, Overwhelm, Worries – there are few people that have not met one or more of these feelings in the last weeks. Many of us are confronted with decreased income, restrictions, insecurities of how long this crisis might last, opposing opinions, statistics and prognosis that bring up the question what feels true to us.

The feelings inside of us during such a crisis can be very intense and bring us to our edge. Most of us have not dealt with events of that dimension, which can feel dramatic, cutting edge and life changing. Thus, we do not know how to handle the situation in the best way.

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