Theta Healing

How I came to Theata Healing

The good thing about living in Bali is that it provides you with so many opportunities to deepen your path of yoga, transformation, spiritual growth and holistic healing. One of my Expat friends from Ubud told me one day about the Theta Healing® modality and how it has brought huge benefits to her life. She was talking so passionately about it that I became curious and booked a session with her teacher Erika Johansson in Ubud. And I can tell that this first session was one of the most profound healing sessions I’ve ever had.

What is Theta Healing about and where does it come from?

The Theta Healing technique is an effective method of changing deep beliefs and habitual patterns. Theta Healing is facilitated in one-to-one sessions that combine dialogue and meditation including elements of NLP and kinesiology. The modality was developed by Vianna Stibal in the US and since she started teaching it in 2000, it has spread into various corners of the world. Theta Healing came to Ubud in Bali with Erika Johansson from Sweden, who is giving sessions and courses in Taksu Spa with great success. Every time I had booked a session with her, I came out with more clarity, a sense of relief and I could let go of various blocks and limiting patterns. She is one of the best teachers and healers I’ve ever met – funny and joyful, empathetic, highly intuitive yet down-to-earth and very supportive.

The Theta Healing process of changing beliefs

Limiting belies and habitual patterns can show up as block in our lives and hinder us from tapping into our full potential. In order to transform them, therapist and client are going into a meditative state of Theta brain waves in which the client is open for change and realignment because of a more direct access to the subconscious mind and universal creative power. Mental, energetic and emotional blocks can be released, new feelings can be anchored and the manifestations of our heart’s desires and goals become much easier. For some people, it may sound like a lot of woo-woo and they do not believe that change and healing can happen so fast and easy. But yes – it does!

Spirituality & Holistic Healing

The process of changing beliefs with Theta Healing is very logical, methodical and yet the method is deeply holistic and spiritual at the same time. For me the healing in Theta Healing goes much deeper than just talking about your childhood issues and your struggles in life during psychotherapy or coaching. Theta Healing helps to heal our emotional wounds, deepens our spiritual connection and improves our relationships in a very graceful way. It brings in the belief and trust in the Creator of all that is, together with meditation and focused prayer. Life becomes easier, happier and more fulfilling when we are aligned with the divine source, whatever name we want to give it – the Universe, God, Buddha or Shiva. I am deeply convinced, that we are the masters of our own lives, that we are co-creators and that we can let go of negative beliefs, conditionings and limiting patterns in order to live life with more lightness, joy, freedom and trust in the divine.

My own journey with Theta Healing

I can tell it from my own experience and from the sessions that I gave to my clients that we can shift a lot with Theta Healing. For example, most of my life I’ve struggled with the issue of self-love, even though I was not consciously aware of it. I was amazed to see in the Theta Healing sessions why I was holding on to the old belief of not loving myself, where it came from and what kind of fears were holding me back from changing my belief into a positive one. In just a few sessions, I could release many of my old patters and let go of deep sadness, heaviness and feelings of insecurity. I made more peace with my past and know that all has happened for a reason; it shaped my personality and brought me to where I am now. Our current lives are always an expression of our deep seated beliefs and we have the power and ability to change our life, if we truly want it and believe in it. I never thought that I can have the life that I currently live and I am deeply grateful for it! After receiving several sessions with Erika, I wanted to go deeper and took four Theta Healing certification courses with her in 2016 and 2018 in Ubud. It gave me a great foundation to offer this modality as part of my toolkit in helping people on their path of wellbeing, wholeness and vitality.

My Offerings

Theta Healing has shifted immensely how I look at life and how I live my own life. It has expanded my horizon of what is actually possible to feel and manifest. Every time I receive or give a session, it connects me deeper to the source and lifts my energy. I am happy to share this gift with you in private Theta Healing sessions, either in person or via Skype. Feel free to contact me if you have more questions or want to book a session.

Happy Co-Creating!

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