Theta Healing

img_1862a-kopieThe Theta Healing® technique is an effective method to change deep beliefs and habitual patterns. These can show up as block in your life and hinder you to tap into your full potential. In order to transform them, we are going into a meditative state of Theta brain waves in which we are open for change and realignment because of a more direct access to our subconscious mind and universal creative power. Mental, energetic and emotional blocks can be released, new feelings can be anchored and the manifestations of your heart’s desires and goals are much easier. The premise is that you believe in a Creator of all that is and that you are open for change. Theta Healing is facilitated in one-to-one sessions of 60-90 minutes that combine dialogue and meditation.

I have completed Theta Healing certification courses with Erika Johansson in Ubud/Bali:

  • Theta Healing Basic & Advanced DNA (June 2016)
  • Manifesting & Abundance (April 2018)
  • Soulmate (April 2018)

The Theta Healing sessions that I have received have been profound experiences. I drew much more clarity about personal issues that released many deep blocks on several levels. I am now facing life with much more joy and lightness. After completing four Theta-Healing training modules, I am grateful to have another powerful tool in order to assist people on their journey towards a more fulfilled life.

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