About me

Various interests and fields of activity have led me to the place where I currently am – In a range of fields that consist of different professions and have one thing in common: the interest in assisting people on their path to more vitality, wholeness and wellbeing.

I love to work as much in the organization as on the Yoga mat, on the massage table or in the therapy pool. My offers include teaching Yoga and meditation, Aquatic Bodywork and Theta Healing® sessions, chanting mantras & playing harmonium, giving massages as well as organizing and facilitating retreats. The term “Holding Space” represents exactly what is important for my work: being open, trustworthy, warmhearted and mindful in order to provide a safe space where people are able to be truly themselves and to evolve personally.

A big part of my life journey has been dedicated to music, at first on stage and later behind the scenes of classical music. I am grateful for this period of my life, especially the formative years of studying music and the many years of work experience in the office of a leading German symphony orchestra. I was able to apply my organizational talents as well as the ability to coordinate and to work systematically and reliably. The times of cultural richness, concert tours and exciting encounters have been of great value for me.

In the year of 2006, I started to practice Yoga and step by step it has become an important part of my life. My sabbatical year in 2011/2012 of travels to India, Nepal and Indonesia and completing two Yoga teacher trainings has opened many new doors and broadened my horizon.

And then there was a job offer in Bali… Finally in 2014, I left Germany, packed my bags and engaged in a new adventure in Indonesia. In the last years, Bali has offered me such a fullness of offers and experiences that allowed me to evolve and further tap into my potential. I am grateful for these exciting times of personal and professional growth, and I am looking forward to the continuous flow of life.