Why a Retreat?

Why a Retreat?

Retreats have become very popular in the last years and are offered around the whole world. What is so compelling to go on a retreat? Who could benefit from a retreat? Why are retreats so important these days? Let’s have a look to find out why retreats are more than just a current hype.

What does retreat mean?

To retreat literally means moving back or withdrawing from something. In common use retreat means a withdrawal from daily life, to pause from the demands of life and from tasks that we are usually consumed with. Most retreats follow a structured daily schedule with the aim to let go of the usual routines and to focus on ourselves. A conscious and planned retreat from everyday life and the reduction of distractions and external stimulations are key aspects of a retreat.

Who benefits from a retreat?

There are many benefits to go on a retreat, which can range from a yoga holiday retreat on a beautiful island such as Bali to a short retreat weekend at your own home. The motivations to do a retreat can be manifold.


  • like to press the pause button and retreat from your daily routine.
  • long for relaxation and like to recharge your batteries.
  • have the feeling to loose yourself in the hectic of everyday life
  • like to deepen your yoga and meditation practice.
  • wish to connect to your intuition and have more awareness.
  • face a turning point in your current life and like to contemplate on what matters in your life and how to move forward with inspiration and clarity.

What is included in a Retreat?

The contents, structure and schedule depend on the tradition and the retreat leader. A Buddhist Vipassana meditation retreat includes long hours of daily meditations and silence. Retreats can also have more of a holiday vibe where you combine different activities such as Yoga and hiking or surfing. In most cases there are movement practices such as Yoga or Chi Gong, meditation and self reflection included in a retreat.

Why is it so important to do a Retreat?

Nowadays we are facing a hectic daily routine, challenges in private and business life and long lasting periods of stress. This can lead to the feeling that we loose touch with ourselves, feel disconnected and constantly under pressure. It is so important that we pull the emergency break button early enough to recharge our batteries and to bring back balance to body, mind and soul.

A retreat creates more space and clarity fort the mind, but it also increases our awareness of the body and its needs. The time of the retreat helps us to find out what is really important in our lives and what we need to live in harmony and balance. A retreat is often an initial spark to create change and has a lot of potential for personal and spiritual growth.