Yoga can help you to create balance between your body, breath and mind by using physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation. The physical postures (asanas) stretch and strengthen your body, breathing techniques (pranayama) allow you to be more aware of your breathing, strengthen your breathing capacity and harmonize your energies. The breath acts as a link between your body and your mind. Yoga can reach much further than just being physical: it helps you to focus and calm your mind, and to bring all level of your being back to wholeness and balance.

I became fascinated by the variety of Yoga, from physically demanding Yoga practices up to restorative and gentle styles of Yoga and the spiritual and philosophical aspects of the classical Indian Yoga tradition. Learning to know various Yoga styles and teachers from different countries helped me to find out, how to create my own yoga practice and how to convey my knowledge in my classes in an authentic way.

The Yoga teacher trainings that I have completed in different styles of Yoga are reflected in the variety of my teaching:

  • Hatha Yoga of Swami Sivananda (Level 1, 500 hrs, Tiruvannamalai/India – 2012)
  • Vinyasa Yoga, Restorative and Vini Yoga (Level 2, 300 hrs, Bali/Indonesia – 2012)
  • Yin Yoga (100 hrs, Bali/Indonesia – 2015)
  • Aerial Yoga (Rising Wings 25h – 2020)

These in depth qualifications, completed by several stays in Ashrams and various workshops, allowed me to deepen my own practice and knowledge in order to offer a versatile array of classes with different styles and topics for all levels of practitioners. I am grateful to all my teachers for being an inspiration and sharing their wisdom, in particular Rachel Hull, Emil Wendel, Tina Nance and Swami Atma.

Precise guidance and safe adjustments, calmness and warm-heartedness characterize my teaching atmosphere which allows my students to deepen their own practice. Each student is welcome to the personal space in which he can benefit from the effects of Yoga on body and mind, regardless of age, range of flexibility or fitness level. A mindful and authentic presence in teaching guides me to honor each student and the point from where he starts his Yoga journey.

I am still fascinated of how Yoga works on so many levels and how I can constantly evolve with the practice. Yoga means continuous learning for me and goes much further than the practice on the mat. At first, I practiced Yoga in order to feel physically strong and flexible. Meanwhile, meditation, breathing techniques and the interest in spirituality has equal part in my practice. I draw my energy and strength from this particular variety. Yoga has become an important part of my life that enriches and challenges me, and guides me back to my innermost again and again.